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Fairfax Gallery - Framing Establishment has been at the heart of the Jacksonville Florida art scene for almost 30 years. This busy Jacksonville art gallery is tucked in the center of historic Avondale/Ortega, one of the most vibrant art districts in Jacksonville.

Fairfax Gallery represents artists throughout the country with a concentration of local and regional artists. The Jacksonville gallery houses a variety of styles ranging from conservative and traditional, to expressionists, abstract and whimsical.

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Recent Jacksonville gallery artwork installations:
  • Arbor Terrace Ortega - Patient Rooms, Corridors and Common Areas.
  • Mayo Clinic - Dialysis, Administration, Radiation, Physical Therapy Pain Clinic, CT Clinic.
  • St. Vincent's Southside - Patient Boards and Assignment Boards, Customized to the specific needs of the unit.
  • Fleets Landing - Building 2000: Resident Hallways, Lobbies and Common rooms.
  • FIS - Fidelity Executive Conference Rooms, Hallways and Break Rooms.
  • EverBank - Lobbies, Conference Rooms, Employee Areas.
  • Congratulations: Rita Kenyon, Ellen Diamond, Claire Kendricks, Casey Matthews, Carole Mehrtens, Vanessa Bowers, Toni Dewitt, Ande Lister, Nancy Hamlin Vogler, Sarah Crooks Flaire, Marilyn Anthram, Natalie Levine, Heidi Edwards for Corporate and Residential Art Sales.
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Fairfax Gallery - Framing Establishment
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Our Jacksonville gallery artists and fine framing are featured in many homes and prominent businesses throughout Jacksonville and surrounding areas.

  • Affordable custom framing and mirrors.
  • High quality framing and attention to detail.
  • An experienced design team.
  • Professional Installation